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MeltOnUs is not affiliated with Valco Melton® nor an authorized distributor of Valco Melton® parts or end systems.
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New NC series

NC Series

From light-duty, low-volume applications to medium-speed, high-volume case sealing and product assembly, The NC-series hot melt applicators delivers the flexibility, performance and durability packaging professionals demand in their adhesive applications.

Solid-state controls, accurate RTD temperature sensors, and a thermostatic temperature control optimize system performance. The units feature a reliable air-operated piston pump and can operate with as many as four hoses/guns. For ease-of-use, a unified operator interface is used across an entire range of melt units.

c series icon

C Series

The C-Series hot melt units offer the highest technology, a complete and simple control, a design that helps any production requirement.
  • Low-pressure piston pump with compensating valve.
  • Integral glue pattern control.
  • Easily retrofit to market standard.

New V Series

V Series

The V-Series hot melt units offer a comprehensive selection of system components and support equipment for manufacturing operations. The V-Series is available in a range of tank sizes with melt rates to meet an assortment of application requirements. All units feature reliable cast-in tank heaters and Teflon®-coated reservoirs.

For optimum system performance, a self-tuning microprocessor PID controller independently controls 16 heating zones. PID temperature control of all heated zones delivers superior accuracy and stability. An easy-to-use touch pad with a bright vacuum-fluorescent screen allows operators to quickly set up parameters and monitor operation.

V-Series gear pump
Each hot-melt unit is equipped with a reliable motor-driven gear pump. Multiple-pump configurations are available for complex applications. Positive-displacement gear pumps provide constant, uniform adhesive output and include variable-speed motors and drive ratios matched to each specific application. Gear pump units feature several relief valve options, ranging from the simple single-stage relief valve to more sophisticated pneumatic relief systems.

New Shureglue Series

Shure-Melt Series

This hot melt system is a reliable, "no frills" workhorse, ideally suited for packaging and product assembly tasks where low cost and simple operation are desired.

c series icon

P Series

The P-Series hot melt units are designed for simple hand gun requirements.
  • Modular design for easy service and maintenance.
  • High-quality long-life gear pump.
  • Easily retrofit to market standard.

New VPUR Series

VPUR Series

The V Series melters allow the best operation for the finest and most demanding applications. Its design ensures easy access, maximum reliability and a minimum downtime for maintenance operations.

New B Series

B-Series PUR

The B42 hot melt units are designed to process reactive hot melts like PUR.
  • Ideal for woodworking applications such as profile wrapping, edgebanding and port-forming
  • Easy maintenance
  • Production flexibility

New Drum and Pail Series

Drum & Pail Unloaders

The V-Drum unloaders and V-Pail unloaders are the solution for processing large quantities of hot melt and PUR adhesives.
  • Gear pump for constant, controlled output.
  • Melt plate selected according to adhesive.
  • Reliable analog control.

vacuum feed systems icon

Auto-Feed Vacuum System

The automatically administers adhesive into a connected hot melt tank, avoiding time loss and extra labor costs caused by typical manual refilling operations. The autofeed system offers all-around auto-feed system safety, time-efficiency, & quality for an even better product

modules icon


These hot melt dispensing valves are a compact, modular design and offer reliable and economical service. They are available for every type of pattern requirement no matter how simple or complex. Specific applications include high-speed, non-contact extrusion, ribbon coating, fine-line gluing and swirl-spray. Special and custom configurations are also available.

single applicator icon

Modular Guns

MeltOnUs guns have always been made to our own specifications but there are various brackets available so that they can mount on the same original OEM, Nordson®, or Valco Melton® existing guns and applications. These gun modules provide precise, efficient control of adhesive delivery through air-open/spring-close actuation and clean cut-off. Manufactured with stainless steel (internal parts) and molded carbide (ball and hardened seat), each module provides the highest level of performance and durability in producing superior products.

slot coat guns icon

Slot Coat Guns

  • MI Slot Coat Gun Series
  • MP & ML Slot Coat Gun Series
  • MPUR Slot Coat Gun Series

a4 manual hot melt gun icon

Manual Guns

The NC-24 hot melt extrusion and spray handguns are perfect for applications that require manual dispensing of hot-melt adhesives, sealants and other materials. It is a durable, lightweight handle and molded shell protects the operator from heated components and permits easy operation. A wide variety of extrusion handgun nozzles are available. Multi-orifice nozzles are also available.

pattern cont icon

Pattern Controls

  • MCP-4 Pattern Control
  • MCP-4P Pattern Control
  • MCS Modular Pattern Control System
  • PSP Pattern-Skip-Pattern Control


Hot Melt Hoses

Standard, high-flex, washdown and spray hoses are available. These hoses are compatible with Nordson 2300, 3000 units. Special length/application hoses and some older models are also available. The resistance temperature detector (RTD) hoses are heating up the industry through reliable, safe operation and consistent temperature control. Layered Nomex® aramid insulation controls heat loss and provides increased durability and thermal efficiency by improving resistance to chemicals and moisture. Insulation protects electrical and mechanical properties above and beyond system operating temperatures. All materials are chlorine-free, thereby eliminating any chance of corrosion to electrical connections and gun plugs that could create hot spots and reduce service life.

inline filters icon

Filters & Inline Filters

  • Nordson® Tank Filters A/B Manifold
  • FMX - Filters
  • Mars Inline Filters
  • Inline Filters

Product Nozzle Icon


These replacement hot-melt nozzles provide superior performance through precise bead placement, bead paths and bead widths. Efficient fluid flow and accurate adhesive placement ensure strong seals while eliminating pop-opens and adhesive waste.

Nozzles that are available include; single orifice, single orifice right angle, dual orifice, double orifice, button, triple orifice, quad orifice, circular pattern and taper conversion heads.

fittings icon


Small parts can cause big problems. View our selection of hot melt fitting replacements available in straight, 45 degree, and 90 degree angles. These parts are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM standards. If you do not see a fitting that meets your needs, please call and we will be able to create one tailored to your application.

Spare parts icon

Other Spare Parts

We carry a wide array of top-notch, hot-melt replacement parts include hoses, glue modules, guns, nozzles, pumps, filters, melt tank parts, heaters, thermostats and more. Please call our shop for additional help if you do not see the part you need listed.

hot melt systems icon

Hot Melt Units

Our hot melt units increase output and efficiency of hot melt dispensing dramatically. MeltOnUs carries a wide variety of bulk hot melt tanks that can accomodate multiple hose configurations and heavy use. Many of our hot melt tank solutions are custom tailored to meet specific application needs. Please contact one of our adhesive engineers for a cost saving solution to your new or existing bulk tank hot melt system.

application heads


MeltOnUs carries hot melt guns and modules that are developed and machined to the highest quality standards right here in the USA. Our hot melt modules out perform expensive name brand manufactures and offer significant cost savings. Often, our hot melt guns and modules are less expensive than repairing your existing damaged parts.

pattern controller icon


Setting up pattern control on hot melt systems has never been easier with the pattern control systems available. For use with nearly any hot melt system, these pattern controllers allow for fast set-up, simple programming, and insures you are using just the right amount of hot melt for your specific application.



MeltOnUs carries only the highest quality, custom made hot melt hoses in the world. Like our tanks, many of our hot melt hoses are custom made to fit existing equipment. We offer lower prices and higher quality bulk hot melt hoses than anyone in the industry. We can create hot melt hoses that meet and exceed the preformance standards of top manufacturers.

replacement parts icon

Replacement Parts

MeltOnUs carries a complete line of top manufactures spare parts and accessories. These accessory kits can be used to customize your new hot melt system or for maintenance and repair of an existing melting unit. Questions? Contact us with help finding the exact part you need.